Los Angeles Rams Wins Super Bowl 23-20

The team won against Cincinnati Bengals despite 2nd-half deficit.

The National Football League winners, the Los Angeles Rams, won the Super Bowl 23-20 after overcoming a major injury and a second-half deficit.

With 1:25 left in a Super Bowl drive worthy of Hollywood, Matthew Stafford connected Cooper Kupp with a short touchdown ball as the two teammates played pitch and catch all the way down the field.

Then, as Aaron Donald closed things off with massive pressure on Cincinnati quarterback Joe Burrow, a furious Rams defense sealed the deal by keeping the Bengals off-balance until the final seconds.

The Rams leaned on the passing game in the second half, as receiver Cooper Kupp came up huge again and again, including a vital first-down run, after not being able to run the ball all night against a strong Bengals defense. Because receiver Odell Beckham Jr. was injured in the second half, Kupp's efforts were needed. Prior to his accident, he had been having a great game, including scoring the opening touchdown.

Kupp was voted Supe Bowl MVP after catching eight passes for 92 yards and a crucial end-around run for 7 yards to keep a drive alive and pick up a crucial first down.

When the Bengals were four points behind and playing at the Rams' home stadium, they were adamant and refused to give up easily throughout the game. On a disputed play 12 seconds into the second half, they scored their first touchdown. Tee Higgins, who scored two touchdowns in the game, grabbed defender Jalen Ramsey's facemask and threw him to the ground before catching a 75-yard touchdown ball from the quarterback.

At that point, it looked like the Rams were in trouble. The possibility of tying the game with a field goal was eliminated by a missed extra point on their first touchdown of the game. When Stafford appeared to be injured, limping to the bench and sitting on the training table, it looked much worse. However, he resurrected and re-energized his squad, which was in desperate need of his help to defeat the Bengals.

As Von Miller and Aaron Donald began stunting and piercing what had been a Bengals brick wall, quarterback Joe Burrow played a courageous game for Cincinnati, getting sacked seven times by the Rams pass rush. Even though Burrow finished with a higher quarterback rating than Stafford, the final score was all that mattered in the end.


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