Hong Kong Disneyland To Pause Operations Due to Omicron

The theme park has to close again due to the new variant scare.

Hong Kong Disneyland is one of the businesses and theme parks that has been affected by the virus once again.

Due to worries of a new epidemic of the virus, Hong Kong's local government is enacting tougher Covid precautions, including closing all theme parks and banning flights.

As a result, according to Reuters, Disney will close its Hong Kong Disneyland park from January 7 to January 20. As a result of the decision, the park will have closed five times throughout the pandemic, the most recent being in late 2021.

The fast-spreading Omicron variety is causing a sixth wave of infections in Hong Kong. Although there have been few instances reported in the past year, the territory did see its first verified local transmission of Omicron on December 31, raising fears of an outbreak. As part of its 'zero Covid' approach, the local administration has also imposed a two-week ban on flights from eight nations, including the United Kingdom and the United States.

When cases of the virus start to grow, many Asian nations, especially China and Japan, have been consistent in imposing tight restrictions. Following the discovery of a handful of cases, China placed two cities under lockdown this week.

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