Emily in Paris Season 2 trailer is the ultimate French vacation

All the details on the second season of the Netflix series Emily in Paris

Season 2 of Emily in Paris sees our favorite American gal, Emily, return to France to live it up to the fullest!


The confirmation of Season 2 was released On Wednesday, November 11 of 2020, on Netflix with a formal letter penned by Emily's long-suffering boss Sylvie, and we couldn't be any happier! Here's to more French-inspired fashion staples and Sex and the City like- comedy.


Darren Star, the man behind hit programs like Sex and the City, Melrose Place, and Beverly Hills 90210, developed and executive produced Emily in Paris. Jax Media's Tony Hernandez and Lilly Burns join Collins and Andrew Fleming as producers.


The Emily in Paris actors announced their return to set last May 2021 with a video sent to the Emily in Paris Instagram account. This episode included guest stars Collins (as well as Mindy), Ashley Park (Mindy), Bravo, William Abadie (Antoine), Samuel Arnold (Julien), Leroy-Beaulieu, and Camille Razat (Camille).


According to Star, filming began in the south of France at the end of April. At the Four Seasons Cap Ferrat hotel, where they were staying and filming, they "took over what is arguably one of the most gorgeous places in the world." "With the exception of us, the hotel was completely shut down. It was weird since our writer's room was in a villa on the property, and everything in France was closed at the time."


Collins (Emily), Ashley Park (Mindy), Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, Lucas Bravo, Samuel Arnold, Camille Razat, and Bruno Gouery will be joined by several new faces in Season 2. (Luc).


Alfie is described as "a 30-year-old London-born, a charming yet sardonic guy who refuses to immerse himself in French culture and instead enjoys a pint at an English-speaking bar" by Entertainment Weekly. Lucien Laviscount, from Scream Queens, has been hired in the recurring role of Alfie. Gregory Elliott Dupree, a fashion designer, and protégé of Pierre Cadault will be played by Jeremy O. 


Harris, the writer of Slave Play and Zola. Laurent G, a nightclub owner whom Emily meets while promoting one of her brands and "who quickly finds that his connection to Savoir is more complicated than marketing," will be played by French actor Arnaud Binard, who will also appear as a guest star on the show. Antoine Lambert, the proprietor of Maison Lavaux, is played by William Abadie, who will be a series regular in Season 2 as well.


What can we expect from Emily in Paris in Season 2? Even before Netflix officially renewed the show, creator Darren Star was already planning the next steps for Emily and the rest of her friends.

"Season 2 will see her become a more integral part of the society in which she lives. She'll be a city dweller now. "As he explained to Oprah Magazine, "She'll be able to put more weight on her feet. She's settled down and is starting a family there."


In an interview with Vanity Fair, Collins said that Netflix is holding off on releasing any further information about the show until after the debut.


Darren Star stated to E! News as well, that "Season two hasn't started yet, but based on the first season, Emily is going to have to make some difficult decisions. So much of the episode revolves on the culture, upsetting her notions of how things should be and appear. And, of course, nothing will be exactly as it appears to be.


 It's constantly about making her question her assumptions about the rest of the world because of her upbringing in the United States. There are a number of road junctions and destinations to visit."

Emily in Paris tells the story of Emily (Collins), a young Chicago marketing professional who gets the opportunity of a lifetime when her employer purchases a luxury marketing firm in Paris. A new social media strategy is placed in her hands. While trying to win over her coworkers, make friends, and navigate fresh relationships, Emily's new existence in Paris is packed with exhilarating thrills and unanticipated obstacles.


Aside from Collins, the cast also includes Ashley Park) as Mindy Chen, Philippine Leroy Beaulieu as Sylvie, Lucas Bravo) as Gabriel), Samuel Arnold), Camille Razat), and Bruno Gouer) as Julien). Arnaud Viard and William Abadie round out the ensemble cast.


Emily in Paris season 2 already appears to be a lot of fun and well-dressed. To view the French coastline in a new light is something we are eagerly anticipating. Every time we watch an episode of season 2, it'll be like going on a vacation for the first time. While we reel with our emotions with season 2 official photos, while having a je ne sais quoi moment, let's do a happy dance with the series upcoming return.


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